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The Dominican company invites to sea walks along coast of Atlantic ocean

The Dominican company invites to sea walks along coast of Atlantic ocean
The Dominican company invites to sea walks along coast of Atlantic ocean
The Dominican company invites to sea walks along coast of Atlantic ocean
The Dominican company invites to sea walks along coast of Atlantic ocean
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- Dominican Company Cat Sailing Adventures invites  to sea walks along coast of Atlantic ocean, tourism in  province Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

- Tourist cruise BEBE Catamaran, V.I.P. Charters:
* The Bebe catamaran is also available for private charters (4 or 8 hours) for an even more unforgettable excursion where you decide the itinerary. The standard private charter includes sandwiches, nachos & dip, fruit kebabs, rum, beer, sodas and water. You can also upgrade to the VIP charter and enjoy wine, vodka, salads and cold cuts in addition to the standard food & beverages. For birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc., special arrangements (e.g. cake and champagne) can be arranged at an additional cost. 4 hour private charter (up to 20 persons) including. Roundtrip safari style transportation (hotel – excursion point – hotel).coastal cruise, snorkeling, stop at the natural pool, sandwich, fruit plate, rum, beer, soda and water. VIP upgrade available for an additional fee and includes vodka, wine...

- Tourist cruise Banana Republic Catamaran, V.I.P Charters:
* Here an explanation of what V.I.P. charter means; You can choose to rent the catamaran all for your family or a group of friends. The boat will be all for you. No others people can share your privacy and the pleasure to sail at the time you want to. This is the right thing for your birthday or wedding gift or just because you want to be by yourself. Price is according to how many people are participating...

- Day Cruise:
* Cat Sailing Adventure has identified our normal day operation with the name of Banana Republic Catamaran.
- We offer this exciting sailing adventure along the north coast of Puerto Plata to the beautiful bay of Sosua famous for its beautiful and unforgettable natural reef. We anchored in front of Sosua beach, crystal clear water surrounded by the perfect place where you can find and watch the most beautiful corals and tropical fish caribe. No is another exciting experience. During this time you can enjoy the sun, the sea breeze, Caribbean music (merengue, bachata reggae) of our optimal food and drink, animated games, swimming, snorkeling...

- This is our normal day of operation:
* 08:30 - Meeting point at Playa Dorada Beach
* 08:30 - 09:00 Check in and ready to board the catamaran
* 09:00 - Everybody on board. A welcome cocktail is served. Introducing to the captain and crew and ready to go.
* 09:00 - 11:00, After a two-hour of navigation or sailing (depends of whether conditions) we arrive in the bay of Sosua .
* 11:15 - first snorkeling. A real encuentro with feeding fish. (snorkeling equipment included),
* 12:00 - lunch is ready
* 12:45 - second spot for snorkeling. * 01:15 - 02:45 sailing back to Playa Dorada.
* 03:30 - desambarque. Thanks...

- Our Menu:
* Ensalada de pasta, ensalada verde, picadera de salami, jamon y queso, huevos sorpresa, tacos echos a base de carne de res y pechugas de pollo, salsa guacamol y mexicana picante, pan frnacés, fruta y dessert de diferentes gustos, drink: coke, water, fruit punch, beer, rum, rum and more rum...

- Price: Adults: USD 75, Children up to 12 years old : half price...

- Our office:  Plaza Turisol,  #15, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic,

- Phone: 1(809)-261-20-46

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El Pais:Republica Dominicana
La Provincia:- Puerto Plata
La Ciudad/poblado:- San Felipe de Puerto Plata
Fecha de la publicación:02.02.2013
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