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Prepare new immigration reform in United States Americas

Prepare new immigration reform in United States Americas
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- On demonstration in Washington thousand supporters of immigration reform urged the Congress of the USA to approve the bill which would give to illegal immigrants the permit in the future.

-  USA, according to some information, live an order of 11 million illegal immigrants.

- Legislators already promised to approve some amendments which would facilitate process of reception of the visa to foreign workers, would increase protection of borders and have designated, how the immigrants illegally living in the USA, can become full citizens of this country.

- Lia Parade works in in the company «American voice» which supports immigration reform. In its opinion, position of people which do not have documents, unacceptably.

- It is impossible to be reconciled with that fact more, that in the country live 11 million illegal aliens: they live in a shade, receive grey salaries», - speaks Parade.

- however notices, that similar actions should not affect the American workers negatively. - «Not too it is a lot of workplaces. 27 million Americans with school education cannot find work. It seems to me it not so that fact is pleasant, that the federal government employs permissions to foreigners while Americans cannot find it», - speaks Fire...

- In its opinion, it is necessary to provide observance of already registered laws.

- «It is impossible to tell, that we excellent cope with problems of illegally immigration. Since 1986 - last similar amnesty - the quantity of illegal immigrants only grows», - has reminded Fire... - With it it do not agree Parade which asserts, that the USA consults with the duties on protection of borders.

- «The statement, that we do not observe immigration laws, - is not true. In 2012 of the USA have spent 18 ml. dollars from the budget for these purposes», - speaks Parade. - On last presidential elections president Obame managed to win, in particular, thanks to that for it the voices almost have given 70 % of natives of Latin America.

- The immigration question is considered by Republicans and Democrats as key in attraction of voices of voters. - In opinion Parades, a situation develops in such a manner that the bill will accept this year.  

- Fire it is assured, that legislators will be focused more likely on separate positions of the law on immigration.

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